The story behind

We started out 4 years ago selling some sunglasses at festivals and online. This made Sunculture possible, as we developed skills, an aesthetic find-bride scam feel for sunglasses and of course, resources. For a long time we felt disappointed in the current selection of sunglasses in the Dutch market. There was nothing new going on even though there was a paradigm shift in brands starting way from 2008. We had to take matters into our own hands. This was the birth of our idea to bring in the brands we wanted. For 3 years long we’ve been searching for the best sunglass brands all over the world. We felt that if we wanted to represent a brand they had to meet Sunculture with:

1. the following ambition, the sunglasses need to be dope
2. the following condition, the brand needs to be autonomous
3. the following intent, the people behind the brand are passionate

With this in mind we started Sunculture. We’ve got a growing list of all the sunglass brands in the world that meet these conditions. At start, we’re just covering Europe. Eight sunglass brands, six of them never introduced before in the Dutch landscape. Our ambition is to keep introducing interesting brands from over the whole world. Our brick and mortar store is mainly focused on Amsterdam. Our online store on the whole of Europe.