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These round frames are dedicated to the great Jazz legends John Haley 'Zoot' Sims (1925-1985), alto and soprano saxophonist. The name of Zoot Sims may be unfamiliar to some, but he earned his spot on the list of top tenor saxophonists the hard way. He was an improviser who could out-swing any rival, whatever their instrument. The frames are made of thick clear acetate. Equipped with grey gradient Uv-400 protection lenses these Black Eyewear Zoot frames are a ballsy statement.

Black Eyewear's creation process for sunglasses is a unique approach. Instead of creating sunglasses on their own he visualises a face. A look, style and character then enters his mind and he starts to frame the sunglasses to this imagined face. Every frame is named after a famous Jazz musician. This way Robert can pass on his appreciation for frames and Jazz at the same time.


  • 100% UV/UVB Protection
  • Acetate Frames

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