Cult 13

Cult 13
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These HiTek Cult 13's are real steampunk killer model. They were carefully drilled out of stainless steel and are equipped with UV400 flat lenses. Because Alexander Tasou, the designer behind HiTek, approaches sunglasses from a different point of view he has some technical features that are unique to the HiTek brand. On of them are the flat lenses in the HiTek Cult 13 frame, something unseen in the main stream sunglass market.

We enjoy Alexanders play with the materials and forms of sunglasses in an unusual way fundamentally different from other brands. The collision of vintage and futuristic shapes intrigue and make us think. With today’s society being in a personal struggle between modern and past to us it seems that HiTeks designs really capture the Zeitgeist.


  • Stainless steel
  • 100% UV/UVB Protection
  • Flat lenses
  • Made in London

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