Memento 001

Verde Olivia (Model 001)
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These ballsy Spektre Memento frames combine a classy look with a killer attitude. Spektre could not have chosen a better name, Memento Audere Semper, which is an old latin saying for: Remember to always be bold. This Spektre Memento model is milled into a light opaque olive green acetate beautifully matched with custom orange mirror lenses made by Carl Zeiss.

The Spektre brand was founded in 2009 and by launching Spektre as easy going, colourful and with a price advantage over other competitors, Spektre was quickly able to grab a large market share among the young and bloggers. Their presentation is simple and clean. With these conditions Spektre has been able to grow with little publicity and maximum effort and expand their fanbase.


  • Handmade in Italy
  • 100% UV/UVB Protection
  • Italian Acetate
  • Carl Zeiss Lenses

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