Memento Audere Semper 008A

Ruby Red / Light Mirror (Model 008A)
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These ballsy Spektre Memento frames combine a classy look with a killer attitude. Spektre could not have chosen a better name, Memento Audere Semper, which is an old latin saying for: Remember to always be bold. The ruby red acetate is equipped with custom light mirrored Zeiss optics.

The choice of Latin names for sunglasses is nicely linked to the strong influence of Italian art, not surprisingly as this is an inspiration source for Niccolò. What we love about Spektre are their vibrant colours and mirror glasses. The colour choices are interesting combined with well-shaped frames. Spektre doesn’t follow market or care about it, they just do what they like.


  • Handmade in Italy
  • 100% UV/UVB Protection
  • Italian Acetate
  • Carl Zeiss Lenses

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